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Welcome To The Technology Revolution In Beauty

 SR3D Intl Holdings Corp. believes the cosmetic industry has turned into a technology revolution. 


SR3D is an Active Plant Stem Cell Cosmetics Manufacture. We use active plant stem cell extract and smart technology that was developed by NASA that has effective extract properties unseen in the beauty world today. 

 The benefits of SR3D products begin with a 3D bioreactor that was developed by NASA scientists and engineers, which creates a suspended micro-gravity environment by using a rotating wall vessel to grow cell cultures. Experts found that this stress-free environment allows the cell cultures to grow in a three dimensional state, much like how cells grow in the human body. 

These cells are more equivalent to natural skin cells, and they were also exposed to an increased amount of nutrients and functioned in a more complete manner. The results unearthed a major skincare breakthrough when compared to commonly used two-dimensional methods, which force the cells to grow in a restrictive area, leaving them deformed and poorly functioning. 

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